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What’s Included in Our Free Energy Analysis?

There are four easy steps included in our analysis, designed to getting cheap electric rates and low gas prices to save money on your utility bills as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A Customized Review of Your Electricity & Gas Bills

Cheap Electric Rates & Meter ReadingThe first step is to review your past electricity or gas usage.  We verify the address of the electric or gas service, we determine who your energy generator is, who your energy transmission company is, and who your retail energy provider is.  The more information we have, the quicker and easier it is to get the lowest electricity or gas quote possible!

What to expect: we’ll need a electricity or gas statement or bill from the last three months; after we receive that, we’ll send you a one-page document that states Cube Energy is working to get you the lowest energy rate possible.  Once we receive a current statement or bill, this step typically take 4-5 business days to complete.

A Personalized Analysis of Your Future Electric or Gas Needs

Discuss Energy Needs with Cube EnergyThe second step is to discuss your future energy needs.  This conversation is designed to narrow the field of electric providers, taking into account not only the lowest rate possible, but which electric company you’ll be most happy with long-term.  We’ll ask you questions about your current needs, whether you’re growing or expanding, whether you’re committed to energy efficiency in the future, fluctuations in your energy needs, and more.

What to expect: a handful of questions, usually done either in person or over the phone.  We’ll explain a variety of options and industry lingo so you completely understand what will happen when we approach electric and gas companies with your needs and desires.

We’ll Match You with the Best Electric Company or Gas Provider

Cheap Electric Company RatesThe third step – Cube Energy gets to work.  We prepare requests for quotes from a variety of local energy companies to your state.  These requests make you and your business look as best as possible to the energy companies, no matter your situation.  And because we maintain large accounts with many different energy providers, we can get these providers to provide competitive bids for your energy business!

What to expect: typically, quotes take 7-10 business days to come back to us (unless it is an urgent situation – if so, let us know!).  Quotes are dependent on many factors, including your geographic location, your industry, your overall usage, your demand, and your load factor, an industry measure of efficiency.

Compare Rates — Choose the Best Electric or Gas Price — and Save Money Now!

Save on Electric Bill with Cube EnergyThe best step – getting you the best electric rate or cheapest gas price we can!  Once the quotes are back from the retail energy providers, we’ll make a recommendation for the best electric company to sign with.  You’ll be asked to sign a contract with that energy provider.  We’ll walk through all the terms of the contract with you and explain everything all along the way.  We can sign energy contracts several months to a year in advance, so take advantage of low energy rates now and lock-in your price with Cube Energy!

What to expect: we’ll ensure that your energy contract is properly executed and implemented.  We’ll also regularly review your account and let you know if cheaper energy rates are possible BEFORE your contract expires!

BONUS!  Cube Energy also provides a full review of your past year’s energy bills — and will ensure you’re credited with any mischarges to your account!

That’s right – our energy analysis will be able to review a full year’s worth of your electricity or gas usage and will be able to see any charges made in error to your account.  We’ve returned thousands of dollars to businesses who unknowingly paid these charges or fees!