Lower Your Energy Bills

You have a choice in electric companies & gas companies — so why settle for high electricity rates & high gas prices?  We find you the cheapest electricity options & gas rates and make sure you pay less on your energy bills!

Save Money on Utility Bills

We have relationships with many local and regional electricity and gas companies across the United States.  These companies want your business AND are willing to compete against each other to make you their customer!  Best of all: our consulting services are completely free; if we can’t help you save money, it costs you nothing.  Once we find you the best provider and best electric rate, our fee is already included in the rate we quote and will be paid to us by the energy provider — there is no additional charge to you.  Contact us now for your FREE consultation!

Pay Less for Gas & Electricity

Energy deregulation means you receive the exact same electric and gas service for a better rate. When we get you the lowest electricity or gas rate, all that changes is the logo on your electric or gas bill – you’ll still have the same utility service provider, the same meters, the same electricity or natural gas flowing to you, the same phone number for repairs or outages. You get the SAME SERVICE & SAVE MONEY on your electricity and natural gas rates!

What our Clients are saying…

Cube Energy saved our church over $5000 on our first contract and then saved us over $22,000 on our second, and they saved me 30% on my home electric bill. We highly recommend Cube Energy and will never use anyone else for our energy needs!

Nathan D.


Your Free Energy Consultation is Four Easy Steps:

First things first: our energy consultants will do a comprehensive review of your past electric or gas bills. This review will provide our consultants with information regarding your current situation — as well as necessary information to get quotes from other energy providers.
Once our energy consultants have reviewed your past electric or gas rates, we’ll want to talk with you about your future energy needs. Are you going green or more energy efficient? Are you expanding your business operations? What’s important to you when interacting with your gas or electric company? Cube Energy has many options available to you, but this personalized assessment helps us connect you with the right provider.
Once we have a clear picture of your energy usage and needs, we match you up with desirable electric or gas providers for your personal situation. We do all the paperwork to make you look the best you can to the energy providers — and the providers will send us rate quotes unique to YOU! Typically this process takes about 7-10 business days, but the wait is worth it, because…
Once the energy provider rate quotes are back, our energy consultants will come back to you with great news: we can save you money on your utility bills! We’ll explain all the details to you to ensure you’re completely confident in the next step – signing your contract with your chosen provider. And that’s it! We’ll also be with you throughout your contract term to make sure you’re happy with your provider and answer any questions that may come up. Let’s get started now!