Commercial Energy:

Strategic Planning, Energy Procurement, Risk Management, Cost Management

Commercial Energy is our specialty; Cube Energy will consult with your business and explain the best options available. Cube Energy can help every business type and every industry large or small take full advantage of the options available in a deregulated market. We represent the best energy companies and will get you the best products, terms, and pricing for your company.

Great News: Our advice is simple honest and free!

Examples of products available:Fixed Rate, Heat Rate, Indexed, Hybrid, Renewable, Demand Response, Construction Power, CSA, CAA, REC’s, Block Index, All Inclusive, Wholesale Full Pass Through, Blend & Extend, Green Energy, Partial Pass Through, Aggregations, Staggered Starts

More Great News: As a Cube Energy customer we will continually monitor changes in the energy market that impact your company and keep you informed of changes so you will know when the best time is to future date and lock in your next rate and term.

A Cube Energy analyst will consult with you and explain what products best fit your unique business model. We will then explain current market conditions and make recommendations about contract length that fit your current cost and risk management needs. Cube Energy will send this data to the Retail Electric Providers we represent and they will compete for your business by providing the best rates and terms for you as a customer.


I am in a contract, can you still help me?

YES: We have numerous options including future dating your next product and rate so that your protected against future price fluctuations. You may also qualify to lower your rate immediately without breaking your existing contract.

I am happy with my existing service provider, why should I switch?

Better Rates: In some markets, and in some situations the name on your utility bill wont even change; and you will be getting a better product and/or energy rate! AND in all cases; Your actual service remains the same, in fact you couldn’t change it even if you wanted to because the company that delivers and maintains your utility services to you (the TDU) are still monopolies. You will receive the same electricity, the same person will read your meter, you will call the same phone number in case of an outage or repairs (or you can call us and we will assist you), you will get your bill at the same time each month. BUT, you will have received the best products at the best prices and terms that are custom designed for your business needs, and you will have a Retail Electric Provider that competed for your business because they want you to be their customer. You will also have daily access to a Cube Energy consultant to answer your questions and provide you with professional customer service for your account now and in the future.

Even More Great News: Our Only Goal is a happy customer, we provide excellent customer service, we will be here to answer any questions or concerns and will continue to provide up to date strategic planning as your needs change.