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Do you live or do business in a deregulated energy market?

Deregulated Electricity

As of Summer 2011, deregulated electricity markets are in California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, and Ontario. Some of these markets are state-wide; many of these markets are local to the cities or counties in a particular state. Check with our free energy consultants for details!

Deregulated Gas

As of Summer 2011, deregulated gas markets are in Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Rhode Island. Some of these markets are state-wide; many of these markets are local to the cities or counties in a particular state. Check with our free energy consultants for details!

Do you want to pay less on your electricity or gas utility bills?

Commercial Customers

Do you own a business or looking for electricity options for a restaurant, hotel, office building, or other type of commercial enterprise?  Cube Energy is happy to broker an agreement with electric or gas company to benefit your business — and save you valuable time, dollars, and energy to get the lowest commercial energy rates available!

Residential Customers

Need electricity or gas service for your home or apartment?  We broker energy agreements in deregulated areas with no hassle to you.  Simply contact our energy consultants, provide us a recent electricity or gas bill, and we’ll take care of the rest — and ensure you pay less for your energy usage!

Industrial Customers

Industrial energy customers have special needs – and need a highly specialized energy broker familiar with industrial energy needs, the ins and outs of cost structures, and even special tax breaks for particular industries.  Look no further than Cube Energy for your industrial electricity and gas energy needs!

Do you want to manage your energy costs better?

Scared of opening your electric bill in the summer months – or your gas bill in the winter months?  Manage your energy costs better with Cube Energy!  After a consultation with our energy experts, we’ll negotiate with the electric or gas company to ensure your energy costs are stable & reliable throughout the entire year.  No more shock when the utility bill comes!

Going green or interested in sustainable energy options?  We’ve got green energy providers in many markets and are adding more across the country.  Contact us now to find out more about saving money – and saving the environment!

You may be eligible to pay less & save more with Cube Energy!

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How to Compare Electric & Gas Companies

Deregulated energy markets exist in some local, regional, and states, including both the United States and Canada.  What is a deregulated market?  This means, essentially, that any energy company can put electricity or gas into the grid.  Before deregulation, there were energy monopolies: the same utility company could control the prices of ALL electricity and gas because only ONE company would generate the energy, transmit the energy, and then sell you the energy at your home or business.

Energy deregulation means that ANY energy company can sell you the same electricity or gas that you’re receiving now.  These energy companies are called “retail electric providers” (REP) and choosing among them can be very complex because you have many different options, including your electricity or gas rate.

Our energy consultants will look at a variety of considerations when helping find you the best retail electric provider, including:

  • Contract Options – open contract vs. closed contract, short term vs. long term
  • Pricing Options – whether additional fees are included in the rate or not
  • Usage Options – whether you’re billed on actual or estimated summary billing
  • Capacity Options – whether an energy company can/will support your desired energy capacity
  • Customer Service Options – how much customer service do you need/want
  • Pricing Variations – rates may change day to day OR remain a fixed rate
  • Credit Options – dependent on an overall score OR dependent on a short-term review

These, among other variations and options, can dramatically affect your energy quotes.

Partner up with Cube Energy to get the best deal and compare electricity rates for your business or home!